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   Established in 1992,Shaoxing Sanfang Machinery Co., Ltd. (former Shaoxing the third Textile Weaving Machinery Factory) is located in Paojiang lndustry Development Zone in Shaoxing which is a famous historical and cultural city and a water place in the south of the Yangtze River. lt is a well-known enterprise in the textile machinery industry, with the assets of nearly RMB30,000,000and the annual output value of RMB20,000,000, covering a floor area of nearly 30,000 square meters.
   Since establishment, the company has been carrying out the famous brand strategy,Pursuing the enterprise,s spirit of “pioneering and making innovations, advancing with times”,omnibearingly improved the quality of staff,strengthened their idea of creating excellence, trained a group of superb technical backbones, and introduced the leading mechanical production equipment of the current machinery industry which are processing center,Laser cutter,numerical controlled punching machine, numerical controlled lathe, numerical controlled milling machine, precision grinding machine mainly and others.The company researched and manufactured the advanced textile machinery,our main products include SGD-950 Lace crochet machine,SGD-980 Fancy yarn crochet machine,SGD-260 Lace&Band crochet machine,SGD-1700S Upholstery fabrics crochet machine,SGD-3300S Upholstery fabrics crochet machine,SGD2180 Multifunctional NC compound twisting machine,SGD-152 Fancy yarn twisting machine,SGD168-A computerized flanged bobbin winding machine,SGD168 Computerized spooler machine,AGEN280 air covering yarn machine,SGD280A/B high speed rewinding machine,AGEN983-A/B mixing intermingled machine,SGD180 precision bobbin winding machine and etc.The company passed ISO9001-2000 certification. The sales network spreads all over the country and extends overseas. The products are deeply trusted by the broad masses of users.
Crochet machine of large manufacturers - Shaoxing Sanfang Machinery Co., Ltd City Factory King
   The struggling way ahead is still very far,but we will continue struggling and go ahead. Ln the new century, facing fhe new situation after China joining WTO,the staff of the company will continue as before increasing the strength inside, establishing the brand outside, and expanding business field.Santa people will continue seeking to create excellent quality machines in textile machinery industry, and going forward in big strides on the road of developing and enlarging “Sanfang Machinery”.

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